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Volvo and Mack Trucks jointly develop ‘The Uptime Centre’ for aftermarket telematics services

Published: December 11, 2014 | Greensboro, NC

Mack Trucks and Volvo Trucks North America now share a brand new three-story building on outskirts of Greensboro dubbed. The Uptime Center. The 123,000-square-foot facility co-locates personnel from every customer support function, and connects them, separately, to Mack and Volvo customers and dealers with the latest telematics, communications, and case management tools. This aims to enhance real-time aftermarket support for the respective truck customers of each OEM by “blending” high technology with hands-on expertise.

The Uptime Centre

Mack Uptime solutions managed through the Uptime Center include:

  • Mack One Call agents offer critical support to customers experiencing planned or unplanned service events, including scheduling service and repairs. Mack OneCall agents address and respond to potential service events as they are proactively identified through the Mack GuardDog Connect telematics solution. Using ASIST to provide service management structure, OneCall agents communicate with the customer, dealer and, if necessary, other Uptime Center colleagues to ensure the repair service is completed with as little inconvenience as possible.
  • Mack ASIST is Mack’s web-based fleet service management platform that ensures timely information sharing, communication and tracking of a service event among the customer, dealer and Uptime Center staff.
  • Mack GuardDog Connect — Mack’s proactive diagnostic and repair planning system monitors fault codes that could potentially shut down a truck or lead to an unplanned visit to the dealer. GuardDog Connect enables quick diagnosis of issues, proactive scheduling for repairs and confirmation that needed parts are in stock and ready to install, all while the truck is still on the job.
  • Dealer support — In addition to offering technical support, troubleshooting and issue resolution to Mack’s dealer network, dealer support staff also provide technical software assistance for truck diagnostic tools.
  • Volvo Action ServiceVolvo’s well-trained and seasoned staff of Uptime experts provide 24/7 support. They can intervene proactively if they detect potential problems, and they ensure a rapid response in the case of breakdown.

“The Uptime Center facilitates the balanced mix of technology, live expert support and proactive communication we need to quickly deliver solutions that directly impact customers’ bottom lines. It’s yet another signal to our customers that Mack’s got their backs.”

Stephen Roy, President of Mack Trucks North America

Source: Mack Trucks


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