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Wireless Matrix unveils FleetOutloook 7.2

Wireless Matrix
Wireless Matrix

USA: Wireless Matrix Corporation has launched FleetOutloook 7.2, comprising an upgraded Vehicle Maintenance Module, diagnostic trouble codes and new reports. The new features enable fleet managers better understand the performance of their vehicles, and quickly spot anomalies that might require service or repair.

Feature details:

Vehicle Maintenance Module: VConnectT is the updated Vehicle Maintenance Module unveild in FleetOutlook 7.2. This module can be used to automate maintenance notifications and maintain multiple services scheduled for fleets of vehicles. Upgradation has simplified existing functions and add new ones like adding service records and service notes, and viewing service history.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC): A new Diagnostic Trouble Codes tab displays a list of vehicles and their associated diagnostic trouble codes. DTCs are 5-character fault codes that indicate elements in a vehicle’s engine or other systems that are experiencing abnormalities. A GPS device using a vehicle’s OBDII port reads these codes. This functionality provides insight into the current performance of a fleet of vehicles and enables fleet managers to easily identify vehicles that may need servicing or repair.

New Reports: Two new reports are in launched the FleetOutlook 7.2. The first report is the Fuel Efficiency Report which offers fleet managers with summaries of operators’ fuel usage. This report shows each vehicle’s fuel consumed while driving and idling, its efficiency and carbon footprint.

The second report is the Location Activity Report which offers supervisors with a view of which vehicles and drivers were present in a specified area during a selected reporting interval, as well as the events reported for those vehicles. This report can be generated by entering a specific address or using latitude/longitude coordinates, and is available in two views: vehicle list view or event details view.

Brian Moran, vice president of product management and quality assurance, said: “The release of FleetOutlook 7.2 is full of new features and enhancements requested by our customers. The functionality in the 7.2 Release will not only help our customers streamline, troubleshoot and automate routine maintenance on their vehicles, but they’ll also have more insight into their operational expenses and how they impact their organization’s bottom line.”

Source: http://www.wirelessmatrix.org/news_room/press_html/10_16_12.php


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