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Intelematics Australia and Euclidic Systems partner

Intelematics Australia and Euclidic Systems have entered into a strategic partnership with the aim to make tracking and monitoring commercial and passenger vehicle fleets simpler.

Both companies specialise in technology solutions to help fleet managers capture vehicle health, driver behaviour and location data in real time so that fleet productivity can be maximised. As part of the new strategic partnership, Intelematics will take an equity stake in Euclidic Systems following a recent capital raising push.

The strategic partnership allows the two companies to complement each other’s strengths. Euclidic Systems’ product currently relies on embedded devices to track and monitor heavy and light vehicle fleets – both on road and off road – and conduct remote fleet management operations. This new relationship incorporates Intelematics Australia’s solution for passenger vehicle fleets.

Euclidic Systems’ customers will now have access to a simple, easy to use, self-install plug-in device which allows customers to now manage all of the vehicles in their fleets from a single platform, keeping fleet vehicles on the road, out of the workshop and moving.

The complementary nature of the partnership between Intelematics Australia and Euclidic Systems ensures both companies can deliver the best fleet management product for their global customers.

Source: Press Release


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