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Trak Global partners with Gift Cloud for Carrot customers

Trak Global Group, a telematics technology company based in the UK, has signed a new partnership with leading digital rewards platform Giftcloud for its young driver brand Carrot, enabling the brand to offer their customers an unrivaled choice of rewards.

Carrot MD Ed Rochfort said customers for their New Driver and Better Driver products will be able to login to a Carrot-branded rewards store powered by Giftcloud to pick up treats for safe driving. The scheme is also being extended to Hughes Insurance in Northern Ireland, which uses TGG technology for their customers.


Ed explained that new driver customers earn points for good driving, and at the end of the week those points are banked in each customer’s personalized dashboard and turned into cash. With Giftcloud, drivers will be able to claim their rewards across a range of brands, such as Amazon, Spotify, Starbucks, Nike, and Cineworld.

Partnerships like these point out to the expanding automotive ecosystem and shift in the value chain where players that were not even remotely related to the automotive industry are becoming its part.


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