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Teir 1 integrating WTX’s data into software to manage impact of weather on EVs

Given the limited duration of a battery charge, it is important to factor how weather conditions impact an electric vehicle’s range.

According to recent American Automotive Association research, when the temperature dips to -7°C (20°F) and the HVAC system is used to heat the vehicle, average electric vehicle driving range decreased by 41%. Additionally, they found that when outside temperatures reach 35°C (95°F), and air-conditioning is used, driving range decreased by 17%.

Therefore, Weather Telematics has been selected by a global automotive Tier 1 supplier to integrate WTX’s proprietary data into software being developed to manage the impact of weather on electric vehicles.

The software addresses two challenges of electric vehicle deployment – cold weather drains the battery, while heat and humidity sap the battery through use of the climate control systems.

By integrating WTX’s data into their electric vehicle software, the expected battery life can be more accurately estimated and ‘range anxiety’ can be minimized. This feature is intended to improve safety by mitigating the risks associated with operating in extreme climates where miscalculating available battery charge can leave drivers stranded.

Source: Press Release


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