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TSD partners with Zubie

With the aim to give fleet operators a seamless connected car solution, TSD, a rental fleet management software provider, has entered into a partnership with Zubie, a connected-car platform and telematics data insights provider.

Since 2012, Zubie’s end-to-end connected-car technology has delivered real-time information about vehicles and drivers to help businesses manage and optimize their fleets. TSD designs and develops cutting-edge fleet mobility solutions for independent and franchise rental companies, dealerships, auto manufacturers, and public auto groups worldwide.

Through this alliance, TSD’s customers will gain access to Zubie’s full GPS/ geo-fence capabilities, and real-time fuel and odometer readings. These capabilities help TSD customers to save time by expediting routine tasks and improving fleet availability to benefit rental business’ bottom lines.

“Maximizing utilization of rental vehicles is a critical element of fleet management, and Zubie Rental Connect delivers the insights to improve business performance,” said Zubie CEO Gary Tucker. “TSD customers will now have additional immediate and practical insights to improve their fleet operations.”

“Our partnership with Zubie gives TSD customers a reliable, innovative telematics provider to improve profitability,” said Shawn Concannon, Executive Vice President for TSD. “Integrating features like accurate, real-time fuel and mileage readings reduce manual data collection to lower expenses and gain additional revenue.”

Source: Press Release


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