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Vehicle speed limiter adjusts to posted speed limits

Published: 28 September 2016

MAGTEC Products and SpeedGauge have announce the availability of SafeSpeed™ an aftermarket truck speed limiter solution that governs vehicle speed according to local speed limits. Under the terms of the commercial agreement, SpeedGauge will serve as a reseller of the SafeSpeed service to the fleet telematics sector.

The dynamic speed governing technology restricts vehicle speed and allows additional customizations for corporate speed rules – both on and off the public road network. Field-tested over tens of thousands of miles, in a variety of vehicles configurations from several leading US commercial fleet operators, the service and capability is now ready for industry wide adoption.

“We are excited to be working with SpeedGauge in bringing SafeSpeed™ to market. The timing couldn’t be better in light of this month’s release of the U.S. DOT’s FMCSA and NHTSA’s proposed rules regarding speed limiters and alternative technologies that would limit the speed of the vehicle to the speed limit of any given road, not just a single maximum speed. This is the very definition of our SafeSpeed™ technology,” said Mitch Morisset, vice president at MAGTEC. “This technology is the latest generation of MAGTEC’s Acceleration Control System (ACS), developed over a decade ago primarily to enable fleets to take immediate action in bringing a vehicle to a safe and controlled stop. To date, our ACS has hundreds of millions of miles to its credit, without a single incident. Fleets can continue to set their maximum speed thresholds on their ECMs, and allow SafeSpeed™ to manage all speeds below that,” continued Morisset.

SpeedGauge is recognized across the industry for its accurate and dynamic speed data and for the SpeedGauge Safety Center?, a speed management and driver behavior service. “We look forward to bringing this solution to market through our network of leading fleet telematic service providers. It is a privilege to be able to collaborate with MAGTEC, which has decades of technical leadership in the area of over-the-air vehicle control and safety” said Jonathan Hubbard, CEO of SpeedGauge. “This exciting new combination demonstrates both of our company’s commitment to mitigating vehicle liability risk, supporting professional drivers, and making our roads safer across the globe,” concluded Hubbard.


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