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Weather Telematics to participate in Proofs-of-Concept pilot programs

Weather Telematics has been selected to participate in “proof-of-concept” (POC) pilot programs with two global automotive industry leaders.

The pilot programs are designed to evaluate WTX’s new Predictiv RC platform by providing current and predicted road weather conditions to autonomous vehicles. The pilot programs are scheduled to start in Q2 2019.

Weather Telematics is an IoT data science company offering road safety data products for industrial, government and consumer markets. The company uses a proprietary vehicle-mounted mobile IoT sensor network and AI machine learning system to generate historical, real-time and predictive road weather conditions, for road hazard risk alerts and dynamic routing applications.

The Predictiv RC platform is Weather Telematics’ newly released, industry-leading “micro-scale” road weather conditions platform, with resolution ranging from 500 meters to below 200 meters. This platform claims to improve the ability of vehicles and drivers to manage and mitigate the risks associated with driving in poor weather conditions.

Source: Press Release


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