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Weather Telematics to provide hazard alerts service to Creek County

Weather Telematics has been awarded an annual contract to provide road weather hazard alerts to the Creek County, Oklahoma Emergency Medical Service.

Weather Telematics’ Predictiv SA road weather hazard alert service is a proactive accident avoidance system that transmits verbal and visual warnings of weather-related road hazards to both dispatchers and drivers. Predictiv SA provides a full toolkit for fleet managers and telematics service providers to manage the impact of weather hazards on fleet logistics and mitigate risks for drivers and fleet assets. Predictiv SA is available on the GEOTAB Marketplace website.

Weather Telematics Inc. is an IoT data science company offering road safety data products for industrial and government markets. Weather Telematics uses a proprietary vehicle-mounted mobile IoT sensor network and AI machine learning to generate historical, real-time and predictive road weather conditions for road hazard risk alerts and dynamic routing applications.

“In the case of Creek County’s ambulances, human lives depend on both dispatch and driver being fully apprised of current road weather conditions so they can navigate around hazards,” said Bob Moran, CEO of Weather Telematics. “Our Predictiv SA product is perfectly suited to this type of mission critical scenario.”

Source: Press Release


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