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Viewer software for OBD-2 diagnostic data in new version

The freely available Windows tool PCAN-OBD-2 Viewer from PEAK-System has been released in a revised version 1.2. It was developed on the basis of the gratis usable PCAN-OBD-2 API. It offers an easy way to develop own applications based on the OBD-2 communication standard. The tool and the API can be used with all PC-CAN interfaces from PEAK-System.

OBD-2 stands for on-board diagnostics. It is a standard that specifies the type of a diagnostic connector and its pinout, the available electrical signaling protocols, the message format, a candidate list of vehicle parameters to be monitored, and information on how to encode the data for the parameters. The OBD communication protocol is defined in the specifications SAE J1979 and ISO 15031-5, the specific implementation for the CAN bus in ISO 15765-4. It is a client-server oriented protocol.

The PCAN-OBD-2 Viewer supports all OBD-2 services that are transmitted via CAN. A virtual cockpit displays the data graphically in analog and digital instruments. Optionally, individual parameters can also be displayed as graphs including the option of exporting graphs and data sets. In addition, diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and available test results are displayed.

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