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ZUPPA’s Cutting EDGE Data Acquisition Platform For Telematics & IoT

Zuppa one of the newest entrants to the telematics space is a completely Made In India cutting edge tech innovator who has literally descended from the Sky into Vehicle Telematics.
Zuppa’s entrance into the telematics space was based on just one thought 

“ We Navigate drones , click cameras using GPS location, we can track vehicles on the ground using the same GPS Technology “ .

As the only company in India to have developed an Indigenous drone autopilot under the Government Of India TIFAC-SIDBI Srijan Innovation fund Zuppa’s end 2 end control has enabled it to leverage its Globally Patented technology “ SYSTEM OF DISSEMINATED PARALLEL CONTROL COMPUTING IN REAL TIME “ to create a unique architecture of modular platforms for Geo Location and Navigation .

How are VT & IoT  Connected to  Drone Autopilot  ?

The answer to this question lies in the fact that the Autopilot Of a Drone actually uses Geo-Spatial  Data to remotely control the Drone and fly autonomously along pre programmed paths using onboard sensory data to ensure the stability and attitude of the Drone . 

GPS location is also used on drones to trigger a camera for 3D Mapping Missions . ZUPPA extended use of GPS data to Develop Land Leveller as well as for Dropping seeds by controlling electric motors with Geo Spatial Data .

Hence in reality the use of Geo Spatial technology combined with sensory data is much more than just tracking the drone . 

 “ EDGE ” is Zuppa’s answer to deliver economies of scale to Vehicle telematics and IoT at significantly low volumes and compete with mass produced Chinese products .

ZUPPA Developed the Edge Platform by removing the Navigation control layer from its autopilot .

Edge is a System On Chip ( SOC ) that can be used in stand alone or expanded using its multiple interfaces like CANBUS , MODBUS , UART , I2C , SPI , RS232 , RS 485 , J1979 to name a few .

Edge’s exceptional unit economics is derived from the fact that majority of the applications are software layers on top of it with the option of adding hardware layers to it as Modules .

ZUPPA EDGE Two variants :

The Edge platform has been optimized to address two specific emerging technologies :

  1. EDGE Vehicle Telematics ( EVT ) is a CANBUS enabled SOC manufactured using Auto Grade components meeting Automotive Industry Standards AIS 140
  2. EDGE IoT ( EIoT) has multiple user selectable interfaces like RS232 , RS 485 , SPI to enable connecting PLC’s , HMI’s as well as sensors for  temperature, humidity, ultrasound etc to cloud resources for analytics.

The Edge Advantage :

Like the Routers Connected early computers to the World Wide Web and the SMART phone connected People Data  ZUPPA EDGE Enables connection of  DATA of Things to cloud servers and Analytics 


EDGE Technical Specifications 

ZUPPA’s EDGE Platform Supply Options

  1. Bare Board PCB’s that can be used by OEM’s with existing systems 
  2. White Label box assembled devices 
  3. Sale Of Designs with source code on Out Right / License basis 

Auto Applications Beyond The EDGE  :

EDGE’s  modular platform architecture has enabled Zuppa to develop and deploy a range of telematics and IoT products .

Zuppa is currently working of a standard range of Connected EV Cluster modules that can be purchased and deployed from as as low as a dozen at a time to Hundreds per lot .

Zuppa’s drone tech based Virtual speedometer is a unique plug and play device that measures speed with a accuracy of +/- 2km/h without the need for any other components like Cable , gears , sprockets , wheel Tick sensors etc .

Interested to Explore the EDGE e-mail : 

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