Terranet gets Innova fund for testing new and existing ADAS

Innova, the Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems has extended 190,000 SEK grant to Terranet for testing new and existing ADAS system at AstaZero testbed. The aim is to develop new ADAS test methods for vulnerable road users. These methods intend to address time-critical accident scenarios where advanced driver assistance systems play a crucial role in saving lives.

The goal is to improve road safety by developing new testing methods for both existing and new ADAS systems. The ambition for the collaboration between Terranet and AstaZero is for the new methods to become part of or add to Euro NCAP’s rating methods.

“It is important that testing and evaluation methods for ADAS keep up. The development of autonomous vehicles and new mobility solutions accelerates. When new technologies enter the market and urban traffic becomes increasingly complex, we need higher standards. Moreover, I am pleased that we now have the opportunity to contribute with our expertise on what it takes to elevate the methods to the next level,” says Magnus Andersson, CEO of Terranet.

RISE owns AstaZero, and Euro NCAP accredits it to conduct rating tests for ADAS.

Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Programme), has created the five-star safety rating system to help consumers, their families, and businesses compare vehicles more easily. Additionally, this system helps them identify the safest choice for their needs.

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