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Visteon delivers connected, electrified driving experiences to CES 2022

Visteon, a global technology company serving the mobility industry, will showcase a range of technology solutions that support the digital, electric, and connected evolution of its automotive customers at CES® 2022.

“Visteon technology solutions are changing the way people connect with the world through their vehicles each and every day,” said Visteon President and CEO Sachin Lawande. “We will bring our passion for innovation to CES 2022 and demonstrate how our technologies can support and enable the connected and electric evolution of the mobility industry.”

Visteon will use a variety of working display properties to show CES attendees how the company’s technologies support these key mobility industry trends:

  • Electrification technologies that support the global growth of electric vehicles (EVs) which by 2030 are expected to represent about a fourth of the total market.
  • Advanced display solutions enable the evolution toward a digital cockpit with larger and more immersive reconfigurable surfaces. As mass-market vehicles start to offer 12-inch or larger displays, premium and luxury automakers are differentiating their cockpits through craftsmanship, style, luxury of materials, perceived quality and functionality.
  • Connected car solutions to help auto manufacturers integrate over-the-air software updates and Android-based infotainment for their next-generation cockpits — offering consumers a choice of connected services has become a critical requirement for new vehicles.


The highlight of Visteon’s electrification story is its industry-first smart wireless battery management system (BMS). This disruptive technology is the first completely wireless BMS to monitor battery packs continuously for the state of health and charge.

Through this system, Visteon has been able to remove the need for a wiring harness, making the system customizable and scalable while reducing overall vehicle weight.

GM was the first OEM to equip its electric vehicles (EVs) with this solution from Visteon, making the system standard on all planned EV models powered by its Ultium batteries. A second automotive customer was recently added to the company’s wireless BMS business, and additional discussions are underway with other OEMs.

Visteon will also demonstrate electrification technology beyond its wired and wireless BMS capability. This includes integrated power electronics components – a new smart junction box, DC/DC converter and on-board charger – that were designed to reduce the complexity of EV architecture through a single package design.

Advanced Display Technologies

Visteon is the leader in bringing advanced display technologies that deliver high perceptual quality to an automaker’s cockpit. Among the in-house developed display technologies featured at CES are:

  • TrueColor™ image enhancement provides optimal visibility of HMI for all ambient light conditions, thereby improving legibility and safety.
  • Active privacy technology that extends the digital cockpit experience to the passenger, preventing driver distraction via automatic activation of a switchable viewing angle.
  • Full array local dimming that improves contrast ratio at a more affordable price than premium solutions along with substantially lower power consumption.
  • AI-powered low light enhancement to improve the image quality of camera feeds at dusk and at night.
  • MicroZone™, a first-of-its-kind display solution to address the industry demand for a high-quality display that delivers a premium experience, while meeting stringent automotive environmental reliability requirements.
  • A unique avatar display concept based on in-house design digital holography to serve as a virtual assistant and improve safety by reducing driver distraction.

All of these advanced display technologies employ power consumption significantly lower than any other automotive display technology currently available to help support the growth of the EV market.

The Connected Car

Along with the shift to larger displays, car manufacturers are quickly adopting over-the-air software updates and Android-based infotainment for their next-generation cockpits. Visteon’s SmartCore™ cockpit domain controller solution, launched as an industry first in Europe with Daimler in 2018, uses advanced silicon and software technologies to enable OEMs to offer these kinds of advanced user experiences in the cockpit.

Visteon brings its fourth generation SmartCore™ powered by Samsung Exynos Auto v9 to CES 2022. The latest SmartCore™ solution offers seamless support of multiple displays and AI-based speech recognition.

It also brings state-of-the-art safety and security technology and ADAS features to create advanced in-vehicle entertainment experiences along with reliable instrument cluster and infotainment integration. Over-the-air update capability keeps software-enabled features running smooth and the cockpit experience new and fresh.

The AllGo App Store Powered by Visteon

The company’s infotainment capability will also demonstrate the Android-based AllGo App Store powered by Visteon to deliver a portfolio of apps useful for automakers and their customers. Currently, most infotainment systems have a limited variety of apps that can be brought in from a phone – with usability constricted by small displays, disabled functionalities, and poor scaling of screen projection.

Visteon’s approach takes what smartphone developers have achieved to the next level for automotive by boosting the convenience and level of choice that smartphones add to the driving experience and minimizing the risks they bring to everyday driving scenarios.

The AllGo App Store powered by Visteon offers native applications as well as the ability to download the most popular mobility apps. This solution provides the opportunity for developers to create new and OEM-proprietary applications that add value, while meeting consumer demand for an experience rivaling smartphone and other connected devices.

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