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Wialon’s top 10 telematics service providers

8th August, 2023 Wialon announced its annual ranking of top telematics services providers by number of vehicles connected to the platform. The ranking recognises leaders in Africa, Asia Pacific, Central Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North and South America. It measures the number of vehicles and other assets connected to the Wialon system over the past 12 months. The rankings recognises the business results of Wialon’s partners, and sheds light on the distinctive business contexts of each region.

The 2023 leading partners in each region:

Africa – Eagle Eye Ltd

Asia Pacific – PT. Unique

Central Asia – IMG

Europe – Localizador Sherlog

Middle East – Location Solutions Telematics

North America – BrickHouse Security

South America – Maqsat

The Wialon platform is created by Gurtam. A European software developer with over two decades of experience in the telematics industry and the widest-ranging portfolio of telematics solutions. With over 3.6 million vehicles connected and tracked, Wialon is the largest fleet management platform worldwide.

“The Wialon platform is used worldwide in numerous projects across different sectors, including transportation, construction, logistics, manufacturing, agriculture, security, and smart city development. Its versatility extends beyond fleet management to smart buildings and supporting emerging trends in the market, but the key challenges telematics services providers tackle with Wialon continue to be cost-saving and security enhancement.”

Aliaksandr Kuushynau, Head of Wialon

Wialon has mapped the vehicle telematics requirements and demands of each region. In Africa, it has saw a significant adoption of vehicle telematics. This has lead to one of the largest regional growth, with the number of connected vehicles growing by 29% over the past year. Africa has also seen increasing popularity of many vehicle telematics features.

In Europe, there has been rise in the number of connected vehicles. Along with this were was emphasis on electrification as transport manufacturers aim to decarbonize fleets.

Across North America, there has been significant growth, but also a notable divide. North America favors video telematics. Hence, a broad range of camera-based solutions are deployed in commercial vehicle fleets. They can be standalone applications or added as feature sets to conventional fleet telematics. Wialon recorded a 19% growth in the number of connected vehicles across North America.

South America recorded a growth similar to Africa, both at 29%. Furthermore, it is likely that the region will experience additional expansion in the commercial segment as agribusinesses and eCommerce continue to expand. This expansion will increase the demand on telematics and IoT technologies to ensure driver safety. By monitoring driver behaviors, such as speed, harsh braking, and aggressive maneuvers, companies are identifying risky driving patterns. They are taking proactive measures to prevent accidents.

Wialon’s distribution model relies on partners empowering over 2,400 companies. These partners, most of the them being SMEs and srattups, employ over 10,000 professionals and serve companies operating fleets in more than 150 countries.  

Fleet management service providers are a good example of businesses that have the potential to scale, given that the rise of the API economy has opened up new avenues for telematics and IoT applications. Most service providers and system integrators are often small- and medium-sized companies. Working with a technology supplier like Wialon helps them access reliable, up-to-date technology swiftly and affordably. This benefits them in terms of speed, scale, and cost-effectiveness.

“As we celebrate the achievements of our partners, we see vast untapped opportunities in every region. The ambitious solutions offered by our partners exemplify Wialon’s versatility, flexibility, and transformative impact; from a leading provider of security and surveillance solutions for 400 Fortune 500 companies and over 40,000 small businesses worldwide, to start-ups and regional SMEs.”

Aliaksandr Kuushynau

The top 10 partners in each region are available on the official Wialon Top Partners ranking website, here: 

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