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AI Driving Behavior

In many businesses, driving constitutes a big part of their success. However, when it is not managed correctly, it can constitute a large part of their expenses. This includes vehicle expenses such as fuel, car wear-and-tear, and vehicle efficiency.

These days, the driving behavior revolutionary scoring method is growing and helping fleet managers and owners save more money on fuel, maintenance and repairs, while improving safety while reducing carbon emissions.

The driving behavior score is based on machine learning models, using big data collected from all over the world, blended into proprietary data AI algorithms. The score contains several measurable metrics including speed, acceleration, working time, distance, idling and more. For example, the new driver behavior method divides each vehicle into one of the many AI models according to its clustering (vehicle type, industry, geographicregion etc). Therefore, it is fitted to all types of vehicles, within the different sectors and verticals.

Safety.Even the smallest accident takes a vehicle out of order,its driver out of the work force and slows down operations. The safetyscore can assist in identifying and addressing risky driving behavior and help prevent collisions and keep the drivers and vehicles on the road. Moreover, safe driving can help reduce the costs of insurance claims, fuel consumption, and vehicle maintenance towards improving your bottom line.

Productivity. Meeting customer demands on time is what keeps the business alive. It’s a hard job, and inefficient driving in the fleet makes it even harder. That’s why receiving a Productivity Score to improve fleet productivity and efficiency is crucial to get the most value possible from your fleet. Maximize driver and vehicle performance to increase efficiency and service, optimize productivity, and minimize costs.

Discipline. Obedient driving behavior is crucial for any business. Disobedient behavior can harm the brand, the client’s satisfaction and the overall company performance. Discipline Score allows rewarding obedient drivers, and coaching others to better stick to the policy.
Driving behavior is the next revolution of the fleet management market. Join it.

Author: Sari Rahat- Rozenbloom, Ph.D.
Product Manager at Galooli Ltd.

Sari has a vast international and academic experience in managing high technology systems. Sari served in the Israeli Defense Force as an executive officer and managed a cutting-edge technology.

She completed her Ph.D. at the university of Toronto, and two years ago joined Galooli as the in charge of a developing Galooli’s work-force management solution, and soon she became a leading product manager in the company.

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