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Critical Event Video Mitigates Risks And Improves Driver Behavior

We have all seen the dashcam footage of a car accident involving a semi truck. The videos typically portray a slow moving or erratically driving vehicle cutting off a big rig causing a major accident. All too often the truckers are the ones who the blame falls on during the ‘he-said-she- said’ conundrum at the scene. Some studies show that up to 90% of the time the trucking company is put at fault when there is no video evidence.

Now imagine that same footage saving an owner-operator or fleet owner millions in legal damages. With Gentrifi GPS’s in-cab camera solution, the footage is available for review immediately exonerating you from costly legal litigations. Both forward and in-cab camera configurations are available.

Omnitracs Partner of the Year for 2018, Gentrifi GPS, offers Critical Event Video (CEV) systems as an add-on to your existing electronic logging device. These in-cab cameras will capture things other than accidents, ranging from harsh braking and lane departure, to speeding. This footage is sent over the air back to the administrator to be reviewed by the responding Police department and insurance company. Fleets and owner operators alike have reported a decrease in these critical events after the installation of camera technology.

Allowing an insurance company to have a 100% clear and accurate witness account will ensure that they know when to fight a claim being made. Possessing video evidence to support a statement from the driver will make any ‘high priced’ attorney reconsider filing litigation, This in turn can save your company millions in legal fees and insurance payouts. You can’t afford not to implement this solution!

Robert Carucci, Director
Gentrifi GPS

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