Vehicle Telematics

CalAmp receives two patents in vehicle telematics

Date: May 02, 2024. — CalAmp Corp., a company develops technology to track and manage mobile assets, like vehicles and drivers, for improved efficiency, safety, and compliance, has been making significant strides in vehicle communication and efficiency systems with two of its latest patents.

Patent 11924303: Systems and Methods for Dynamic Telematics Messaging

This patent relates to the field of system communication processing, specifically to dynamically processing disparate messages within telematics. The patented system includes at least one vehicle telematics device and a dynamic telematics messaging server system. The server system, equipped with a processor and memory containing a messaging application, is designed to transcode message data from one format to another, process the transcoded data, and provide it accordingly. This technology is crucial for enhancing the functionality of telematics units installed in vehicles. These units provide a variety of services such as emergency warnings, navigation, safety alerts, and automated driving assistance.

Patent 11881064: Technologies for Determining Driver Efficiency

The second patent focuses on driver efficiency technologies. It involves a telematics server receiving accelerometer data from a telematics device in a vehicle, which defines a pattern of acceleration over a period. The server then determines a driver efficiency score based on this data. This score is indicative of the average absolute acceleration of the vehicle during that time. This score can serve for comparing and ranking drivers, potentially impacting insurance calculations, fleet management, and other vehicle service applications.

CalAmp’s patents reflect its commitment to innovation in the telematics field. They aim to improve vehicle communication systems and driver efficiency through advanced technology.

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