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CerebrumX & SmallBoard partner for smart mobility solutions

Novi, Michigan (April 30, 2024) – CerebrumX Labs Inc. (CerebrumX) and SmallBoard announce a collaboration to bring enhanced accessibility and value through embedded, smart mobility data solutions for businesses of all sizes, such as large transportation and trucking companies to small businesses delivering furniture and other consumer goods, across the United States. CerebrumX Labs develops an AI-powered platform that analyzes data from connected vehicles to provide insights for various industries in the automotive ecosystem. SmallBoard is a software company that partners with businesses to develop and deploy custom applications and utilizes data to improve fleet management.

Under this collaboration, CerebrumX’s cutting-edge customizable tech fleet solution FleetConnect, known for the industry’s first AI-integration (Augmented Deep Learning Platform) and use of embedded connected vehicle data in live vehicle tracking, driver monitoring, safety, and sustainability initiatives, will now be directly accessible to fleets of all sizes, through SmallBoard. Moreover, this alliance empowers CerebrumX to connect with end-users, bettering their operations and amplifying visibility and expansion efforts. Leveraging SmallBoard’s extensive software development and customization expertise over the past three decades.

Commenting on the collaboration, Sandip Ranjhan, CEO at CerebrumX said, “We are thrilled to join forces with SmallBoard in our mission to expand fleet mobility solutions. We eagerly anticipate providing fleet operators with unmatched access to real-time, reliable, and precise vehicle health, performance, and safety data. They can integrate this data within their fleet of vehicles and extract valuable insights that promise growth.”

CerebrumX and SmallBoard’s Smart Mobility Solutions cater to logistics operators’ dynamic needs, adapting to today’s competitive landscape effectively. They also pave the way for enhanced efficiency, safety, and sustainability in the foreseeable future. With a comprehensive coverage spanning up to 90% of the fleet industry across North America. Using data-driven insights, improve fleet management operations with vehicle tracking, route optimization, and dedicated driver behavior scores, enhancing road safety. And reduced expenses (TCO) by keeping a check on vehicle health through predictive maintenance and fuel usage and efficiency. The solutions empower operators in the supply chain industry to optimize their performance effectively.

Amit Agarwal, CEO at SmallBoard said, “We are excited to collaborate with CerebrumX. We will utilize embedded fleet data with SmallBoard’s software expertise to deliver data-driven insights that improve fleet operations. The joint solution empowers fleet operators to optimize their fleet performance effectively. Moreover, it achieves this through vehicle tracking and route optimization, enhancing road safety via dedicated driver behavior scores. Additionally, it reduces TCO through predictive maintenance and upgraded fuel efficiency.”

CerebrumX anticipates noteworthy scalability and expansion opportunities in the US as a result of this collaboration. It aims to strengthen its customer base while maintaining its position as a leading automotive data provider. CerebrumX stands out in the market for its confidence in embedded data-driven insights rather than external hardware devices.

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