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Nuvve & Great Power partner to accelerate battery integration

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA and GUANGZHOU, CHINA – April 30, 2024  – Nuvve Holding Corp and Guangzhou Great Power Energy and Technology Corporation announced a partnership to accelerate stationary storage battery deployments and their integration with the grid. Nuvve develops software platforms for electric vehicles that enable them to interact with the power grid, reducing charging costs and supporting renewable energy. Guangzhou Great Power Energy and Technology Corporation is a battery manufacturer known for producing lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage solutions.

Great Power was established in 2001 with a vision to become a global leader in battery storage technology. It recognizes the potential of combining its stationary batteries with electric vehicle charging infrastructure to offer significant product differentiation and market advantage. By leveraging Nuvve’s expertise in energy management, flexibility, monetization, and aggregation platforms, Great Power aims to expand its global footprint. Great Power aims to enable savings and new revenue streams for its customers.

Gregory Poilasne, CEO of Nuvve, states, “We’re excited about the partnership with Great Power, a leading global battery manufacturer. They align with our energy management approach to electrification. By integrating stationary storage solutions at the edge of the grid where it is the weakest, we’re able to strengthen it. Furthermore, this enables a smarter integration of EVs and renewables.”

Yang Xia, Head of Great Power global ESS of Great Power, states, “I am thrilled to announce our partnership with Nuvve to deploy advanced battery systems for electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions. Great Power’s state-of-the-art battery technology, powered by Nuvve’s industry leading software platform will significantly reduce cost and charging times, helping to eliminate one of the main barriers to EV adoption and paving the way towards a more sustainable future and asserting our leadership in global battery technology.”

Nuvve’s GIVe™ platform, known for its bidirectional energy management capabilities and energy management solutions, will play a pivotal role. It will transform electric vehicles and stationary batteries into grid-integrated energy storage resources. Moreover, this partnership will enable consumers, fleet operators, utilities, municipalities, and public organizations to optimize energy usage, reduce costs. This partnership will support the integration of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.

Some of the key aspects of this partnership include:

  • Nuvve serving as the preferred energy manager and flexibility aggregator for Great Power solutions.
  • Great Power supplies Nuvve-branded pre-validated Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS). These systems are pre-integrated with Nuvve’s GIVe™ platform, enhancing the value proposition for customers seeking optimized energy solutions.
  • Mutual interests in accelerating the electrification of vehicles and providing energy management and aggregation software platforms. Moreover, enhancing smart charging and V2G services and unlocking new sources of savings and revenues for customers.

The Nuvve-Great Power integrated solution offers lower energy costs, microgrid resiliency, and system control, adhering to utility service limitations. “Our techno-economic modeling demonstrates significant energy savings from Nuvve’s total energy management for customers. Particularly in areas with high energy rates or demand charges. In the San Diego area, a typical school district purchasing energy from the local utility could save up to 40% or more on their bill. Moreover, adding a single Nuvve 400 kilowatt-hour (kWh) BESS achieves this. V2G technology and grid services like Demand Response increase those savings.” said Hamza Lemsaddek, Nuvve’s Vice President of Technology and Astrea AI.

A key milestone of this partnership will be the completion of the integration of the Great Power battery solutions with Nuvve’s EMS and GIVe platform, in Q3 2024. Nuvve and Great Power will solidify the commitment of both organizations in a long-term relationship. Furthermore, the relationship aims to drive innovation and sustainability in the electric vehicle and renewable energy sectors. Packaging a joint offer, including EV infrastructure, stationary storage, and energy management, will achieve this.

“We are witnessing a remarkable era of growth in the sectors of energy storage. Electric vehicle (EV) charging is pivotal to advancing the clean energy transitions,” said Dr. Evan Bierman, President of Great Power North America. “We aim to tailor our cutting-edge solutions for the American market by collaborating with local partners, meeting unique needs. We also aim to ensure that the infrastructure for EVs is both robust and resilient. This strategic move not only enhances the US supply chain but significantly bolsters the local economies. Moreover, it supports the U.S. in maintaining its competitive edge in green technology on the global stage.”

Initial deployments include Nuvve’s RESCHOOL and Fresno projects, as well as deployments at other select school districts. The two companies are also working on a combined project pipeline throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

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