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CalAmp launches dispatch monitor for school bus fleet management

IRVINE, Calif., May 01, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CalAmp announces the launch of Dispatch Monitor, this application seamlessly integrates with the CalAmp K-12 suite of application solutions, fortifying CalAmp’s commitment to improving school bus fleet management. CalAmp is a company that develops Internet of Things (IoT) technology for fleet management, helping businesses track and manage vehicles, drivers, and assets. This feature allows school bus operators to monitor and manage their fleet in real-time, ensuring that their vehicles are always on schedule and operating safely.

Dispatch Monitor provides school districts with a comprehensive and real-time view of route coverage, ensuring efficient operations and optimized driver performance. Moreover, by offering a consolidated snapshot of critical data points, including drivers’ clock-in status, designated routes, assigned vehicles, and support for multiple drivers or aides per bus—such as those serving disabled students—Dispatch Monitor equips school administrators with the tools needed to streamline operations and enhance student transportation experiences.

Key features and benefits of Dispatch Monitor include:

  • Route Coverage Visibility: Gain immediate insight into the status of assigned routes and drivers actively transporting students.
  • Driver Efficiency Enhancement: Track on-time performance and identify deviations from scheduled routes. This enables proactive intervention to address potential disruptions and optimize overall efficiency.
  • Risk Mitigation: Identify at-risk routes promptly and assign coverage to ensure seamless transportation services, prioritizing student safety and punctuality.

“Dispatch Monitor is extremely helpful to identify buses that haven’t started their routes,” said Melissa Posey, GPS Coordinator at Prince William County Public Schools. “With students at bus stops as early as 6 AM, in all types of weather. Moreover, it’s important to make sure we have route coverage to avoid unnecessary delays.”

“CalAmp commits to empowering school districts with innovative solutions. Furthermore, these solutions simplify complex fleet management tasks and prioritize student well-being,” said Joe O’Dell, Vice-President Public Sector at CalAmp. “Dispatch Monitor represents the latest advancement in our K-12 suite. Moreover, it streamlines route management and improves driver efficiency. Additionally, it enhances the overall transportation experience for students and administrators alike.”

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