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DENIOS unveils high-temp lithium-ion fire blankets for EV fires

DENIOS -US introduces lithium-ion firefighting blankets specifically designed for the high temperatures generated from EV battery fires. They contain the flames and reduce the risk of the fire spreading and associated collateral damage, until emergency response personnel arrive. Manufactured of high-temperature fabric with a mineral coating on both sides, double seam overlap with steel thread processing allows these blankets to withstand temps to 2,372°F (1,300°C). DENIOS is a manufacturer specializing in safety equipment for hazardous materials, offering solutions for storage, handling, and spill control.

Their open-pored fabric allows the use of fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems to create a cooling effect. Moreover, limited gas permeability prevents the cover from ballooning. Reusable fire blankets, suitable for small cars to commercial vehicles, are available in three sizes, each with its storage container. Four loops at the reinforced corners allow the blankets to be quickly and easily deployed.

Lithium-Ion Fire Blankets are ideal for first responders, parking garages, warehouses, and factories using EV forklifts, EV fleets, e-charging stations, gas stations, mechanic shops, auto body shops, towing, and service fleets. They also suit ferries and any location where electric vehicles charge, use, store, or receive service.

Compliant with EC safety data sheet 91/115/EEC, DIN EN 13501-1, class A1, non-combustible. It also possesses an electrostatic certificate according to DIN 54345-1, making it non-conductive.

Lithium-ion batteries, known for high power density, pose extreme danger when overheated or damaged, despite their widespread popularity. Overheating of lithium-ion batteries can be caused by many factors including mechanical stress, warming from the outside, overheating during charging, deep discharge, ingress of moisture, overcharging, and more. Thermal runaway can occur, where overheating of one cell triggers a chain reaction, burning adjacent cells in the process. In a lithium-ion battery fire, heat generates toxic gases, causing individual cell explosions. Lithium-ion fire blankets contain the fire until emergency responders arrive.

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