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Li-Cycle announces partnership with Univar Solutions OnSite Services to provide comprehensive lithium-ion battery environmental services and solutions

Li-Cycle Corp., an industry leader in lithium-ion battery resource recovery and the largest lithium-ion battery recycler in North America, announced a partnership with Univar Solutions OnSite Services, a leader in waste management, to provide waste management solutions for lithium-ion batteries.

Through the partnership, Li-Cycle and Univar Solutions customers will now benefit from a waste management solution for lithium-ion battery waste across multiple manufacturing verticals, including the growing North American electric vehicle manufacturing market. The partnership will leverage Univar Solutions’ expertise in collecting, sorting, and diverting waste on site at such facilities with Li-Cycle becoming a key partner for responsibly managing any lithium-ion battery waste.

“This new partnership with Univar Solutions will enable us to deliver additional value for both new and existing customers by providing them with total waste management solutions as it pertains to lithium-ion batteries,” said Ajay Kochhar, co-founder and CEO of Li-Cycle. “We are constantly looking for ways to support our growing customer base and promote more economically and environmentally sustainable lithium-ion battery recycling, which in turn helps create new sources of critical materials for the end-consumer.”

Li-Cycle utilizes a commercial process for efficient recovery of critical, finite materials from end-of-life lithium-ion batteries through partnerships with some of the largest automotive and battery manufacturers across the globe. Univar Solutions works at the intersection of science and technology to help create a better world through a focus on developing more processes, culture, products, services and collaborations. Univar Solutions’ OnSite Services team is an industry leader in comprehensive waste and byproduct management programs, servicing the automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, and other manufacturing sectors.

“At Univar Solutions, our commitment to bringing more sustainable solutions for a better world extends to helping our customers and suppliers achieve their sustainability goals. We are thrilled to partner with an industry leader like Li-Cycle and we look forward to working together,” said Stephen Molica, vice president of Services for Univar Solutions. “We believe this partnership will help enhance best-in-class sustainability solutions of our OnSite Services portfolio and look forward to further supporting our customers’ important sustainability goals using Li-Cycle’s solutions.”

The imperative for economically and environmentally sustainable resource recycling is growing in lockstep with the rapid growth of battery manufacturing and aligns with Li-Cycle’s and Univar Solutions’ corporate social responsibilities. Li-Cycle utilizes its proprietary Spoke & Hub Technologies™ to achieve an industry-leading recovery rate and to produce the critical battery materials underpinning the global growth in electric vehicle production.

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