EV Battery & BMS

Simatic charge controller and calibration kit optimize charging technology for eMobility

Siemens offers charging system suppliers a new plug & play solution, which enables calibration of the Powerline signal level in line with CCS (Combined Charging System) CharIN Association Implementation Guidelines for the conductive charging of electric vehicles. The solution comprises the Simatic ET 200SP TM ECC PL ST charge controller and the TM ECC CCS calibration kit. When calibrating the signal quality of a DC CCS charge controller using the Siemens solution, there is no need for a spectrum analyzer, which makes the process quicker and easier.

Using the calibration kit, the charging system is calibrated as per CharIN Association recommendations to a transmission power of 75 dBm/Hz with a tolerance of +/- 3dB, which minimizes EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) problems. This ensures robust communication between the vehicle and the charging station. 

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