Vehicle Telematics

Konexial announces GoFind™ advanced trailer tracking service

Konexial announced GoFind™ service, the newest addition to the My20 Fleet Management ecosystem. GoFind™ provides Konexial My20 Fleet users with access to advanced solar-powered GPS trailer tracking and sensing IoT devices to monitor and protect their assets and freight cargoes. This trailer tracking service includes connectivity and a customizable application with dynamic dashboards, analytics, and reports, all accessed inside ONE user interface—the Konexial My20 Fleet dashboard.

Konexial’s My20 Fleet uses telematics technology to automatically log a driver’s location, hours of service, and available capacity, and the Edge Computing architecture makes sure the system never goes out of service maintaining constant connection to the driver. My20 Fleet analyzes all data, algorithms and logic within the cab on iOS and Android platforms.

The Konexial GoFind™ tracking service can be installed in about 10 minutes on any trailer. The solar-powered device holds its charge for at least 6 months, allowing for storage before installment.

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