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TollTally a real-time toll billing solution integrated with Samsara fleet management platform

SAN FRANCISCO, April 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — MapUp, a software company that helps fleet managers handle toll billing with real-time data and automated solutions, unveiled TollTally, an innovative toll management solution, now integrated with Samsara, a company that offers fleet management platforms, helping businesses track and manage their vehicles. This collaboration enables Samsara customers to automate toll billing and reimburse drivers for tolls in real-time.

TollTally is a real-time toll billing solution leveraging AI and vehicle telematics data to accurately monitor and record toll transactions as they occur. By integrating with Samsara’s fleet management platform, customers now have an automated way to manage toll expenses. This integration also enhances operational efficiency and minimizes administrative tasks.

Key features of TollTally include:

  • Instant toll billing: TollTally captures toll transactions in real-time, offering fleet managers up-to-the-minute toll cost data. Instead of waiting weeks and months for agency toll invoices, fleets know their tolls in real time.
  • Automated cost allocation and billing: TollTally simplifies toll billing by automatically assigning toll charges to specific trips, cost centers, and customers. This eliminates manual invoicing efforts and enhances accuracy. Rentals and leasing services can invoice tolls to their customers when a vehicle is returned.
  • Seamless integration with Samsara: TollTally integration facilitates a unified fleet management experience. Furthermore, it makes it easier for Samsara customers to streamline the toll invoicing process.

TollTally supports all the fleets – moving trucks, rental vehicles, taxis, service vans, on the road big rigs, or mobile service vehicles over 90+ countries. Moreover, it ensures fleets are covered wherever their vehicles go, generating vehicle-specific instant toll bills.

“We thrill to partner with Samsara and introduce TollTally to their extensive customer base,” said Maneesh Mahlawat, CTO at MapUp. “TollTally’s GPS-driven toll tracking capabilities will empower fleet operators. Samsara’s robust fleet management solutions provide unprecedented visibility and control over their toll-related expenses.”

Samsara’s Connected Operations™ Cloud has helped tens of thousands of organizations leverage real-time IoT data to surface actionable insights. Moreover, customers achieve enhanced safety, efficiency, and sustainability by integrating vehicle, asset, and equipment data into a unified platform.

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