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Tesla introduces fleet management third party app

Date: August 8, 2023.

Tesla has unveiled its first-ever third-party app, focusing exclusively on fleet management. The app, which marks a departure from Tesla’s traditionally closed ecosystem, is designed to cater to businesses and organizations that utilize Tesla vehicles in their operations.

How it started?

Standard Fleet, the initial third-party app, aids global organizations renting Tesla EVs and rideshares through its fleet management system. David Hodge, a former employee of Apple and a longtime Tesla owner, created Standard Fleet. Introduced last year, the platform offers online and mobile tools for profitable management of electric car fleets efficiently.

Teslarati reports that Standard Fleet’s login page includes a Tesla SSO button for users to access the management dashboard. The “Sign in with Tesla” link takes users to a website where they can authorize Tesla to view their profile.

Standard Fleet for Tesla

Named “Tesla Fleet,” the app provides a comprehensive suite of tools to efficiently manage and monitor a fleet of Tesla electric vehicles. It offers real-time tracking, enabling remote diagnostics and advanced analytics to optimize fleet performance, thus ensuring seamless operations.

The app’s user-friendly interface allows for easy route planning, which can lead to improved efficiency and reduced downtime. Additionally, TeslaFleet’s data-driven insights promise to assist businesses in making informed decisions about vehicle deployment, usage patterns, and overall fleet optimization.

Although Tesla has not yet explicitly declared that Standard Fleet is an approved third-party app. But, the Tesla login buttons on the website and mobile app for the EV management platform appear to confirm the same.

Standard Fleet is also accessible from Tesla’s “Third Party Apps” menu.

The support for Standard Fleet as Tesla’s first third-party software appears to have arrived at the appropriate time. As Standard Fleet’s David Hodge notes, the transition to electric cars for most fleets is inevitable, a matter of time. Because they are simple to track, maintain, and support, EVs just make sense for fleets. Given this, it makes fitting that Tesla chose a fleet management system as its first third-party software, demonstrating its commitment to helping customers who use its electric cars for commercial purposes.

The increasing integration of electric vehicles into corporate fleets could revolutionize transportation management. In this regard, this app stands poised to drive this shift, promoting sustainable transportation choices among businesses.

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