Ohmium & Tata Projects partner for green hydrogen in India

Ohmium International (“Ohmium”), a green hydrogen company that designs, manufactures and deploys advanced Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyzers, announced a partnership with Tata Projects, a sustainable technology led EPC company in India.  This collaboration aims to bolster green hydrogen projects in India, combining innovative technology with proven engineering excellence.

Ohmium will provide PEM electrolyzers while Tata Projects will manage the entire EPC process, including engineering, design, integration, and optimization. Moreover, this collaborative approach works to ensure seamless project execution and deliver a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for green hydrogen production in India.

“Ohmium is excited to bring our PEM electrolyzer technology. We are partnering with Tata Projects’ EPC expertise to promote green hydrogen production and global sustainability,” said Ohmium CEO Arne Ballantine. “With collaborative partners like Tata Projects, Ohmium is poised to be a leading provider of PEM electrolyzer technology in India. Furthermore, together, we share the goal of driving the adoption of green hydrogen in India and accelerating the country’s transition towards a sustainable energy future.”

Tata Projects, a technology-led EPC company, partners with Ohmium to bring to market best-in-class solutions for green hydrogen, pleasing both parties. Moreover, the goal is to support India’s transition to clean energy. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration.” said Vinayak Pai, MD and CEO of Tata Projects.

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