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Horizon Robotics unveils SuperDrive™ AD solution

BEIJING, April 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Horizon Robotics unveiled its Horizon SuperDrive™ full-stack AD solution. Horizon SuperDrive is designed to achieve safe and reliable autonomous driving across all urban, highway and parking scenarios. Horizon SuperDrive is able to handle complex road conditions, akin to experienced drivers. It features smooth obstacle avoidance, gentle braking, dynamic speed control, smooth execution of unprotected left turns, and more. The new solution poised to accelerate the commercialization of advanced smart driving systems. Moreover, it paves the way for widespread cost-effective adoption and mass production.

“We thrilledly introduce Horizon SuperDrive, our latest innovation designed for the next generation of autonomous driving,” said Dr. Yu Kai, Founder and CEO of Horizon Robotics. “We strive to empower every passenger vehicle with our ADAS and AD solutions. Horizon SuperDrive further consolidates our commitment to making human life safer and better.”

The launch of Horizon SuperDrive validates Horizon’s expertise in algorithms, hardware, and engineering. Moreover, it couples with the successful mass-produced Horizon Mono and Horizon Pilot smart driving solutions. Particularly in processing hardware, the company released its Journey 6 series automotive-grade processing hardware to support ADAS and AD solutions.

Utilizing Horizon’s proprietary processing architecture – BPU Nash, Journey 6 series covers all levels and scenarios of smart driving mass production demands. The Journey 6 series’ unified architecture enables OEMs and industry partners to achieve mass-production efficiently. Affordable costs enable this due to its wide compatibility and flexibility.

Horizon boasts a strong ecosystem of partnerships with over 24 OEMs (31 OEM brands) and over 200 industry partners. Driven by its energy-efficient and cost-effective products, flexible and scalable business model, as well as rich mass production experience. These collaborations enhance the development and commercialization of cutting-edge smart driving systems. They also foster a culture of innovation and shared success within the industry. Moreover, In 2023 alone, it successfully secured over 100 new design-wins for passenger car models.

“Our partnerships with key players in the automotive sector enable us to deliver unmatched value to our customers,” added Dr. Yu Kai. “We are driving innovation and shaping the future of smart mobility. Our goal is to safeguard every driver and passenger, accompanying them to enjoy truly delightful journeys.”

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