STRADVISION & Horizon Robotics unveil enhanced ADAS solution

SEOUL, South Korea, April 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — STRADVISION, a company that develops AI-powered camera technology that helps self-driving cars see and understand their surroundings, together with Horizon Robotics, a company develops energy-efficient computing solutions for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) in consumer vehicles, announced a new milestone in their collaboration. STRADVISION’s next generation of award-winning SVNet software, the ‘3D Perception Network’, has been optimized and is now available for OEMs and Tier 1s on Horizon Journey™ 3 solution.

‘3D Perception Network’ represents STRADVISION’s latest advancement in perception technology. It refines the sensing-perceiving-planning-action sequence, providing more reliable ADAS solutions. The 3D Perception Network achieves better performance by reducing detection errors by up to 10%. Moreover, it improves detection stability by up to 30%. Additionally, it greatly enhances the scalability and cost efficiency of the ADAS/AD technology in passenger vehicles.

The partnership founded on a shared vision to provide high-quality and cost-efficient driving solutions. It is advancing toward a promising business opportunity. The successful optimization of SVNet 3D Perception Network on Journey™ 3 marks another technological milestone. Moreover, it establishes a straightforward path for a swift and seamless transition to the upcoming Horizon Journey™ 6. The Horizon Journey™ 6 series, equipped with Nash BPU™ architecture, offers unmatched energy efficiency and openness.

The adaptable and scalable joint solution by STRADVISION and Horizon Robotics continues to lead the market in terms of performance, low system complexity, and cost-effectiveness, paving the way for expanded mass-market production of L2/L2+ ADAS systems, and bringing safe, comfortable, and enjoyable driving experiences to consumers.

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