STRADVISION to unveil 3D perception network at CES 2024

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 13, 2023 — STRADVISION will be showcasing its ‘3D Perception Network,’ at CES 2024. It offers a comprehensive solution spanning perception to planning. The traditional sensing-perceiving-planning-action sequence undergoes an evolution, driven by deep learning for a more delicate 2D to 3D transformation. The 3D Perception Network, developed by STRADVISION, represents a significant advancement in the field of ADAS/AD. This innovative approach leverages LiDAR sensors during its development phase. What sets it apart is its ability to transition into a robust and economical alternative, eliminating the need for in-vehicle LiDAR systems. The strategic decision to eliminate the necessity for in-vehicle LiDAR showcases STRADVISION’s commitment to cutting-edge technology. It also highlights its practical and economical application in ADAS/AD systems. This approach not only reduces the overall cost of implementing ADAS/AD technology in vehicles but also enhances the scalability. It fosters the adoption of autonomous driving features in the automotive industry.

Key Highlights:

  • Higher Scalability: The 3D Perception Network introduces unparalleled scalability, driven by increased deep learning and reduced post-processing, resulting in a remarkable 30% decrease in ARM resource usage. This innovation ensures flexibility for expansion across various SoC platforms, seamlessly adapting to diverse hardware landscapes. It optimizes efficiency for the Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) era by decreasing CPU usage and increasing Neural Processing Unit (NPU) utilization. Moreover, the NPU handles ADAS functions, and the CPU manages broader system operations.
  • Less Complexity: Implementation of the 3D Perception Network significantly reduces post-processing code complexity by 50%, streamlining integration and maintenance processes.
  • Expansion of the Role of Camera (Vision): Embracing a transformative approach, the 3D Perception Network redefines the role of the camera in the vision domain. Equipped solely with a camera, it rivals Lidar capabilities, marking a significant leap in the role of vision in autonomous systems.
  • Enhanced Cost Efficiency: The 3D Perception Network not only offers advancements in scalability and reduced complexity but also brings about a notable enhancement in cost efficiency making it an even more attractive and economically viable choice for OEMs looking to integrate cutting-edge ADAS/AD technologies into their vehicles
  • Better Accuracy: This innovative new-generation approach ensures superior accuracy, reducing detection errors by a remarkable 10%. It also boosts detection stability by an impressive 30%. This substantial improvement not only fortifies the reliability of STRADVISION’s system in real-world scenarios but also positions it as the go-to choice for OEMs seeking unparalleled precision and dependability in their autonomous driving solutions.

Experience heightened confidence in your vehicle’s performance with STRADVISION’s cutting-edge technology. It sets a new benchmark for excellence in the automotive industry.

STRADVISION’s CEO, Junhwan Kim, expressed, “Our presence at CES 2024 marks a significant dedication to pushing technological boundaries. This commitment also focuses on advancing innovation in the automotive sector. The 3D Perception Network and the SVNet portfolio showcase represent the next significant milestones for STRADVISION. Moreover, we eagerly anticipate engaging with thought leaders across the tech, automotive, and AI landscapes.”

This unveiling follows a year of remarkable milestones for STRADVISION, including SVNet’s cumulative production of 1.5 million units since 2019. The company plans to unveil its ambitious business vision for 2024, outlining the path towards an IPO.

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