Haltian unveils RADAR for effortless parking

OULU, FINLAND Haltian announced a new RADAR designed for vehicle detection and an ideal solution for parking application.

Haltian RADAR operates by measuring the distance between the sensor and the vehicle using radio wave signals. This makes it possible to identify vehicle movement accurately and reliably. The sensor detects the occupancy or presence of a vehicle. It sends this real-time data to the Haltian backend and further to the customer’s own application. Furthermore, the collected occupancy and utilization data helps organizations optimize their parking space needs. It also helps improve operational efficiency and safety, and ensures smooth vehicle fleet operations. The primary applications for the Haltian RADAR include warehouse loading dock management and measuring parking space utilization.

RADAR is part of Haltian’s extensive IoT sensor porfolio, expanding the company’s IoT solutions to an ever wider application use.

“Managing locations, such as parking areas with a high volume of vehicular traffic, can be quite challenging and costly. With the introduction of the RADAR, organizations now have a straightforward and cost-effective solution for improving parking operations. This includes reducing environmental impact and enhancing the overall parking experience,” says Pasi Leipälä, the CEO and co-founder of Haltian. “Haltian RADAR is a highly scalable sensor solution developed in response to a genuine client need. There simply was no other wireless sensor that met their high requirements. Haltian sensors have already earned a reputation for exceptional accuracy, reliability, and ease of installation. Moreover, the move into vehicle detection, an area in massive need of scalable and cost-effective solutions, was a logical progression for us.”

Haltian RADAR can seamlessly install in parking slots or loading docks without disrupting daily operations. This can be achieved either through robust adhesive tape or by using an installation plate. Moreover, it’s retrofittable, as it can easily integrate into existing parking spaces or loading docks. RADAR is resistant to natural sources of interference such as bright sunlight, heavy rain, ice, snow, dust, or fog. It suits well for both indoor and outdoor conditions.

“RADAR represents our third product launch this year. We thrill at the ongoing development of cutting-edge IoT products for our clients, aiding them in making data-driven decisions, and ultimately, contributing to the creation of a more sustainable future,” Leipälä adds.

The Haltian RADAR is a part of the comprehensive Haltian IoT sensor portfolio, and it’s the first sensor of its kind for Haltian to gather vehicle occupancy data. Moreover, can use it in conjunction with the Haltian Emphatic Building application, which visualizes the available parking spaces on a digital twin, provides reports, and allows users to book parking spaces as easily as office desks or meeting rooms.

Haltian RADAR will be available to customers globally in the first quarter of 2024.

Technical Specifications

  • Haltian RADAR is a 60GHz Pulsed Coherent Radar sensor designed for robust presence detection.
  • The device is software-agnostic and can work with Haltian Empathic Building solution or easily integrate with various customer back-end systems and end-user applications.
  • Built to withstand even the harsh Northern winters, Haltian RADAR has an operating temperature range of -35C to +85C, ensuring its durability in all weather conditions.
  • Haltian’s clients can easily combine several solutions in the same trustworthy network, thanks to Wirepas Mesh technology, which achieves RADAR’s robust connectivity.
  • The device has an IP68 rating and undergoes rigorous testing in accordance with the MIL-STD-810H Military Standard.
  • RADAR is fully wireless and battery powered, with a lifetime up to 10 years.
  • RADAR is fast to install and easy to mount the wall, ceiling or poles, making it a versatile solution for even the most challenging environments.
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