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Innodisk unveils MIPI over Type-C solution

Taipei, 23 April 2024 – Innodisk, a company that makes industrial flash storage products and is innovating solutions for AI applications like computer vision, announces the launch of its MIPI over Type-C solution. This technology overcomes traditional MIPI cable lengths limitations, allowing embedded camera modules to be positioned farther from the system. This expands the possibilities for visual AI applications, particularly in smart manufacturing and smart cities, enabling the seamless integration of high-quality vision systems into these evolving environments.

The increasing popularity of vision-based applications across industries highlights the critical need for high-quality, reliable camera solutions. As computer vision becomes a cornerstone of AI development, the demand for industrial-grade cameras continues to surge. Innodisk recognizes this need and has developed the MIPI over Type-C Solution to address the challenges faced by vision system integrators and developers.

Innodisk’s MIPI over Type-C technology extends the connection distance to 2 meters or more. This surpasses the previous 30 cm cable length limitation while maintaining high performance. It enables seamless conversion to a custom USB Type-C interface through a tailor-made adapter board. It offers cost-effectiveness compared to SerDes solutions. Additionally, this solution boasts successful deployments on NVIDIA Jetson, Intel x86, and ARM platforms, with Innodisk actively investing in R&D to ensure ongoing compatibility across various platforms, accelerating the deployment of edge AI applications for clients.  

Innodisk’s MIPI over Type-C camera module solutions are extensively used in various smart applications. They are revolutionizing industries like smart manufacturing, where AMRs and forklifts benefit from high-quality imaging and extended reach. Similarly, shared mobility applications such as shared bikes leverage these modules for enhanced safety and efficiency. Innodisk’s solution offers a combination of high bandwidth and longer range. Moreover, this removes cable length limitations, unlocking a wave of new possibilities for smart applications.

Innodisk’s MIPI over Type-C solution marks a significant leap forward, building upon its diverse MIPI camera module portfolio and seamless platform integration. This includes compatibility with NVIDIA Jetson, Intel 12th to 13th Gen, Core Ultra processor, AMD Xilinx, and NXP. Innodisk, the sole Intel-certified MIPI Camera partner in Taiwan, collaborates closely with IPC manufacturers. They possess professional integration capabilities to offer comprehensive support and services to customers. Moreover, the MIPI over Type-C Solution poised to redefine the future of vision technology, offering performance, flexibility, and affordability.

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