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Tesla teases ride-hailing feature in Tesla App

Date: April 24, 2024. Tesla presented a ride-hailing feature in the Tesla app, preparing for the upcoming robotaxi reveal scheduled for August. The preview, featured in Tesla’s first-quarter earnings presentation, displayed various user interface elements resembling Uber’s functionality. This encompasses the capacity for users to request a ride, adjust the car’s temperature before pickup, and monitor the vehicle’s location.

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, had previously announced that the company would reveal its long-awaited robotaxis on August 8. It has been vocal about its ambitions to launch a self-driving ride-hailing service for years. Musk stated back in 2019 that its robotaxis would soon be operational.

The recent earnings report also touched upon the upcoming ride-hailing functionality. It indicated that it will be integrated into the existing Tesla app. The company emphasized that it considers the Tesla software experience best-in-class across all products. The addition of ride-hailing is expected to enhance the overall user experience.

During the earnings call, Musk described the service as a hybrid between Airbnb and Uber, allowing Tesla owners to add their vehicles to the fleet at their discretion. Owners will have the option to restrict usage to friends and family. They can also limit it to only five-star users or open it up to the general public. The fleet will consist of both Tesla-owned cars and privately owned vehicles that opt into the service.

The financial report also highlighted a 9% revenue decline from the previous year, marking Tesla’s most significant loss in over a decade. Musk refers to the upcoming robotaxi service as “Cyber Cab,” anticipating it to be a significant step forward for the company. It potentially revolutionizes the ride-hailing landscape.

As the August unveiling approaches, Tesla enthusiasts and the automotive industry alike are eager to learn more about the specifics of the robotaxi service. They are also curious about how it will integrate with its vision of the future of transportation.

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