Autonomous Vehicle approved for L4 truck platooning trials in China

Date: November 23, has received approval from the Guangzhou Municipal Transportation Bureau to conduct Level 4 (L4) self-driving truck platoon driving tests on designated roads in Guangzhou. This is the first time that a self-driving company has obtained such a permit in China.

The L4 self-driving truck platoon driving test, according to, will comprise two or more trucks operating in a coordinated manner. They will follow a lead vehicle that is either manually driven or remotely operated.’s latest autonomous driving software and hardware solution can handle complicated traffic scenarios. This also includes tasks like lane changes, overtaking, merging, and navigating junctions. This technology will be installed in the self-driving trucks. The system also includes a multi-redundant safety mechanism to ensure the dependability and stability of autonomous driving operations. has been aggressively investigating the integration of autonomous driving technology in the logistics and freight industry. The goal is to address issues such as manpower shortages, high operating costs, and inefficiency. In July 2022, the business entered into a strategic partnership with Sany Heavy Truck, a subsidiary of China’s largest heavy equipment manufacturer. The goal was to build an autonomous truck brand capable of producing automotive-grade, self-driving trucks with L4 autonomy. According to data, their autonomous truck testing has exceeded 3 million kilometers. Moreover, this includes over 610,000 kilometers in commercial operation and a total cargo weight of about 40,000 tons. stated that the L4 self-driving truck platoon driving test in Guangzhou is a significant step toward the commercialization of its autonomous trucking solutions. Moreover, these solutions aim to enhance the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of the logistics and freight industry. The company also stated that it will continue to collaborate with its partners and regulators. This collaboration aims to accelerate the innovation and deployment of autonomous driving technologies in China and beyond.

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