Eicher trucks hosts intelligent fleet management seminar

24th November 2023, New Delhi: Eicher Trucks & Busesa business unit of VE Commercial Vehicles, brought together leaders in the commercial vehicles industry, to dialogue on logistics solutions for the future. The event took place on the eve of the official launch of the Non-Stop Series of HD trucks. It marked the first leg of a multi-city series. This collaborative initiative builds on Eicher’s proud heritage of steering ‘Nayi Soch’, New Perspectives. It aims to support modernizing logistics and making the industry future-ready.

Themed Intelligent Fleet Management, the panellists comprised: Mr. Jaspal Singh, Vice President-North, All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC), Ms. Barkha Agarwal, Director, Jet Trade and Logistics Private Ltd., Mr. Rahul Chaudhary, CEO, Mohan Logistics, Mr. Girish Mirchandani, Editor, Transtopics, Mr. Sumit Dewan, Vice President, Customer Service, VECV. The panel was moderated by Mr. Bhagwan K Bindiganavile, EVP, Strategic Planning, Brand and Communications, VECV. This took place in the presence of Mr. Vinod Aggarwal, MD and CEO, VE Commercial Vehicles.

During the discussion, the panelists delved into the role of the emerging trends in logistics in Amrit Kaal. They emphasized the need to improve overall operational efficiency and profitability, with a specific focus on driver productivity as a key element. The panel emphasized on the pivotal role of intelligent fleet management in enhancing vehicle Uptime. Additionally, they talked about the opportunities and challenges associated with implementing intelligent fleet solutions. 

Setting the context for the panel discussion, Mr. Bhagwan K Bindiganavile, EVP, Strategic Initiatives, Brand and Communication, said, “The commercial vehicle industry has experienced a revolutionary shift from its mechanical roots to a tech-driven era. Aligned with India’s focus on modernizing logistics, sustainability, and efficiency. The CV industry is now driven by innovative technologies like telematics, alternate fuel options, and advanced safety features. I am also grateful to the distinguished panellists for sharing their perspectives.”

Elaborating on how effective fleet management has gained significance, Jaspal Singh, Vice President-North, All India Motor Transport Congress said, “Transporters are increasingly recognizing the importance of staying abreast of market demands. Moreover, this is essential to ensure success in today’s dynamic landscape. Additionally, effective fleet management is paramount to optimize vehicle usage and ensure the seamless operation of the entire fleet. Through technology, we are able to address driver welfare and productivity.”

Addressing the significance of ensuring driver safety, Barkha Agarwal, CEO, Jet trade and Logistics Private Ltd. said, “Beyond the crucial aspects of vehicle performance and parts, driver safety stands as an equal priority. The integration of predictive technology in vehicles has notably enhanced overall driver safety and comfort.” Ms. Agarwal added, “Emphasis on effective fleet management plays a pivotal role for smaller transportation businesses. This emphasis offers the potential to optimize vehicle usage through data-driven decisions, while remaining attractive to drivers.”

Girish Mirchandani, Editor, Transtopics also offered his views, “The unprecedented changes in India’s transport industry over the last 5 years are remarkable. They surpass those of the last 50 years. A steadfast adoption of IT is not merely a choice but a necessity for transporters. Engagements like today’s forums serve as knowledge catalysts. In navigating this transformative landscape, robust fleet management is essential for optimizing vehicle usage.”

Sharing examples from his experiences, Rahul Chaudhary, CEO, Mohan Logistics, added, “Eicher’s technology has revolutionized our operations, offering real-time insights into the performance and productivity of each vehicle. Our drivers now prefer Eicher vehicles that provide valuable data on usage, efficiency, and performance. Moreover, this transition signifies a milestone as we directly support our drivers, eliminating the need for third-party intermediaries.”

Mr. Sumit Dewan, Vice President, Customer Service, VECV, said, “In 2019, we anticipated the impact of AI and ML by connecting our trucks and buses with telematics. Moreover, all post-BS6 vehicles are connected, supported by our industry-first uptime center. The My Eicher app, with predictive analytics, ensures performance tracking, optimizing profits, preventing accidents, and prioritizing driver safety. Our connected ecosystem extends beyond geofencing, delving into driver behaviour, enhancing fleet management, vehicle utilization, and uptime efficiency.”

The seminar saw an active engagement of the panellists. The audience comprised fleet operators, transport experts, entrepreneurs, and logistic heads, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

Eicher Trucks & Buses was the first to recognize the increasing importance of maximizing fleet uptime through its 100% connected fleet and India’s first Uptime Centre in 2020. Moreover, the center provides 24X7 service support and remote diagnostics capabilities linked to its widely dispersed service network.

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