Connected Vehicle

India: Eicher launches Connected Commercial Vehicle

VE Commercial Vehicles Limited (VECV) announced connected vehicles across its entire product portfolio, powered by their connected vehicle solution – Eicher LIVE.

From 1st August 2020 onwards, the trucks and buses built on the EUTECH6 platform will be equipped with pre-fitted hardware that would enable them to be completely connected while on the road.

This solution will help extract maximum possible fuel efficiency with savings of up to 10% in fuel costs. With improved infrastructure and the advanced commercial vehicles in the BSVI range, it’s possible to run more.

Connected Eicher Trucks & Buses will have intelligent features that will enable three key benefits for the customer including fuel-efficient operations, superior uptime enabled by Eicher Uptime Centre support, and segment-specific benefits such as enhanced logistical efficiency in eCommerce & passenger safety in buses.

Eicher’s advanced telematics system is integrated with the vehicle’s electronics and is engineered as an integral part of it. With the new emissions era of BSVI, the telematics system leverages the several sensors fitted in the vehicle and converts the large amounts of data to enable deeper insights, thereby creating a unique value proposition for customers. On one end, it is connected to the CAN, the electronics backbone of the truck and hence has access to vehicle data generated by sensors, ECUs, and any exceptions through fault codes. On the other side, it’s connected with Eicher’s unique support solutions, such as Uptime Centre, Fuel Management services and segment-specific solutions.

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