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DENSO launches MobiQ, an aftermarket V2X solution

LONG BEACH, Calif., April 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — DENSO Products and Services Americas, Inc. announced MobiQ: an aftermarket smart mobility and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) products and solutions. DENSO unveiled MobiQ at ITS America Conference & Expo 2024 in Phoenix.

“MobiQ stands for mobility, intelligence and quality,” said Hiroshi Yanone, senior manager of Connected Services at DENSO Products and Services Americas. “We are committed to the smart mobility market and are excited to bring 75 years of automotive expertise to promote safer, more efficient and cleaner movement of people, vehicles and cargo on the road today.”

MobiQ offers technology like vehicle-to-everything (V2X) that can enhance traffic flow, safety, and efficiency by adding it to existing cars. Overall, MobiQ aims to make older vehicles smarter and contribute to a better transportation experience.

DENSO is demonstrating following capabilities of two MobiQ V2X solutions for the aftermarket at ITS America Conference & Expo 2024:

  • Roadside Unit – a device can integrate with existing infrastructure such as traffic signal controllers and networks. This integration aims to optimize safe and efficient traffic movement.
  • On-Board Unit – a device enabling connected vehicles and intelligent infrastructure to communicate. Moreover, this creates new opportunities to enhance road safety and vehicle movement.

DENSO has experience in V2X projects, including concept development, system engineering and integration, software and hardware creation, and testing and analysis. DENSO’s line of smart mobility products and systems reflects its commitment to delivering digital-first capabilities. Furthermore, these capabilities increase the safety of people and goods on the move.

DENSO is a top-tier supplier of OEM safety and communications technology. The company’s cutting-edge connectivity products include advanced infrastructure sensor technology developed to reduce traffic congestion and collisions. They also aim to improve vehicle and pedestrian safety, prioritize emergency vehicles.

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