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Toyota, Huawei, Momenta team up for vehicle safety & automation

Date: April 09, 2024.Toyota is integrating a system developed jointly with Huawei and Momenta. Momenta (sometimes referred to as is a developer of autonomous driving technology headquartered in Beijing, China. Momenta has its focus on both mass-produced driver-assistance systems and fully autonomous vehicles for use in robotaxis and private cars. Huawei is set to provide the hardware backbone for this initiative, while Momenta will contribute the software expertise. Toyota will oversee the user experience, making final adjustments and controlling the integration process.

Toyota expects this partnership to enhance driver-assist technologies and lay the groundwork for higher levels of autonomy in its vehicle lineup. They anticipate making an official announcement about this collaboration at the upcoming Beijing Auto Show, a major event in the automotive industry that is returning after a four-year hiatus due to the pandemic.

Previously, Toyota and Huawei have worked together on smart cockpits and connected vehicle systems. It has also been a backer of Momenta‚Äôs Series C funding round, which highlights the automaker’s commitment to utilizing Momenta’s technology. For Toyota, this move is strategic in increasing its presence in the Chinese market, where it currently offers electric vehicles like the bZ3 and bZ4X. However, these models have not performed as well as expected. By embracing advanced smart driving systems, It aims to redefine its image as a technologically advanced automaker and strengthen its competitiveness in the fast-evolving electric vehicle market

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