Pidge Fleet Intelligence for fleet management

Pidge has launched a new AI-powered fleet intelligence solution that aims to enhance the surveillance and insights of its delivery fleet. The solution, called Pidge Fleet Intelligence (PFI), is a cloud-based platform that integrates multiple fleet tracking tools and provides real-time data visibility. It also offers predictive analytics for optimizing fleet performance and customer satisfaction.

PFI uses AI and machine learning to evaluate data from many sources, including GPS, vehicle sensors, cameras, and customer feedback. This is done in order to create actionable insights and alerts for fleet management and drivers. Pidge may also use PFI to monitor and manage its fleet’s safety, security, and compliance. This can help reduce operational costs and environmental impact.

Pidge’s CEO and founder, Rohit Sharma, said that PFI is a game-changer for the logistics industry, as it provides a comprehensive and scalable solution for fleet intelligence. “PFI is the result of our continuous innovation and investment in technology, which has always been our core strength. With PFI, we can offer our customers a superior delivery experience. At the same time, we ensure the highest standards of safety and quality for our fleet and our partners,” he said.

Pidge, created in 2019, is a tech-enabled logistics platform. It provides same-day and next-day delivery services to people and businesses in India. Pidge claims to have a network of over 10,000 delivery partners that it has trained and validated. Pidge also touts a zero-contact delivery process, tamper-proof packaging, and a live tracking tool for its consumers. Pidge’s mission is to become India’s most trusted and trustworthy logistics partner. Additionally, the company aims to expand into other emerging markets.

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