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Press Release: Carnavicom to introduce advanced 16-Channel LiDAR sensor at CES 2020


Carnavicom, a South Korean automotive supplier producing an array of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) components used in automotive markets, will be participating at the CES 2020 for the fourth consecutive year.

Carnavicom’s new LiDAR scanning sensors have achieved an average of a 26% decrease in costs thanks to local procurement of parts and key components such as brushless direct current motor (BLDC), laser diode (LD) and avalanche photodiode (APD). Such efforts have enabled LiDAR sensors to be more affordable to integrate into other LiDAR products and applications.

While more technical details of Carnavicom’s latest development LiDAR sensors will be revealed during the CES 2020, the supplier will showcase their advanced VL-AS16 LiDAR sensor, which is a 16-channel based scanning unit suitable for autonomous driving environments. In addition, the supplier will also reveal their newly developed 3-channel LiDAR and announce its plans to introduce affordable 1550nm wavelength solid-state LiDAR units and versatile industrial specific units. With the assistance of LiDAR sensors, autonomous vehicles will be able to travel safely and avoid collisions by detecting any obstructions such as pedestrians and cyclists ahead of its course.

“Our continuous development of advanced LiDAR sensors shows our philosophy that puts the vehicle occupants and pedestrian safety first,” said CEO Jeremy Chong, under whose leadership Carnavicom has been growing since 2001. In order to achieve such deployment of ADAS technologies, Carnavicom has invested 4 billion KRW this year to construct an SMT line with an annual production capacity of over 1.8 million units.

Carnavicom is currently the supplier of Driving Video Recorders (DVR) and Electronic Toll Collect Systems (ETCS) to Mercedes-Benz Korea and is also the parent company of VUGERA, one of the largest aftermarket dash cam brands in the South Korean market, which plans to launch in North America within the second quarter of this year.

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