Auto-ISAC partners with Cybellum to enhance automotive vulnerability management operations

The Automotive Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Auto-ISAC) gains a new strategic partner, Cybellum.

The partnership will provide Auto-ISAC members with insights on automotive component software cybersecurity for embedded products spanning vulnerability management, compliance and security policies, continuous monitoring and incident response.

In addition, Auto-ISAC’s members will gain actionable insights on how to improve the security of connected vehicles by identifying risks in automotive firmware across vendors and ECU types, prioritizing vulnerabilities, and managing and monitoring security assets throughout the vehicle lifespan.

The Auto-ISAC was formed in 2015 by automakers to promote collaboration between suppliers, commercial vehicle companies and automobile manufacturers around vehicle cybersecurity issues. It operates as a central hub to share and analyze intelligence about emerging cybersecurity risks.

Cybellum was founded to provide automotive product security teams with the infrastructure to develop and maintain secure products at scale. Its Cyber Digital TwinsTM platform unifies pre-SOP Product Security Assessments with post-SOP Product Security Operations, presenting the visibility and governance needed to secure products across their lifespan.

“With Cybellum as a strategic partner we are able to increase the visibility that Auto-ISAC’s members have into the security of their connected vehicles and their embedded components,” said Faye Francy, Executive Director of the Auto-ISAC. “Strategic partnerships with innovators like Cybellum will help our members to proactively manage their product security and enhance the overall cybersecurity posture of the industry.”

“As vehicles become increasingly connected and software driven, and with cyber-attacks on the rise, product security takes a strategic role in our industry,” said Slava Bronfman, co-founder and CEO of Cybellum. “We are excited to partner with Auto-ISAC on defining the automotive vulnerability management, monitoring standards and best practices so we can all continue our mission to build and maintain secure vehicles.”

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