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eDriving integrates Greater Than’s EcoScore into their digital driver safety application, Mentor

Greater Than, the provider of technology that converts GPS data into powerful insights and driver scores, announced a partnership with eDrivingSM, a Solera company and a provider of digital driver risk management solutions. Through the collaboration, eDriving will integrate Greater Than’s EcoScore into a new feature in its digital driver safety app MentorSM. The new feature, to be named EcoDrive powered by Greater Than, enables eDriving to further support its global clients in achieving their sustainability goals.  

Revolutionizing driver risk management for over 25 years, eDriving is the trusted partner of choice for many of the world’s largest sales, service, and delivery fleets, supporting over 1.2 million drivers in 125 countries with digital driver risk management and safety solutions. eDriving’s smartphone-based Mentor program identifies and remediates drivers’ risky habits behind the wheel with training, coaching, and gamification, achieving up to an 89% reduction in risky driver behavior over 18 months.   

The integration of Greater Than’s EcoScore is a strategic step for eDriving to elevate the sustainability benefits of Mentor for their customers on a global scale by contributing to carbon footprint reductions of up to 20%. In addition, the EcoScore facilitates more accurate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting with harmonized data on an organization’s CO2 emissions and savings. 

“Our customers are keen to take ownership of their climate impact and help their drivers minimize their CO2 emissions as well as safely return home to their loved ones at the end of each workday. This exciting new partnership between eDriving and Greater Than will help to accelerate that goal,” said Ed Dubens, CEO/Founder of eDriving. “Greater Than’s EcoScore is yet another example of how eDriving’s Mentor ecosystem brings together the best of the best into one world-class solution focused on driver risk management, safety and sustainability. FICO’s Safe Driving Score, Sfara’s Collision Detection, Bosch’s Emergency Response Services, and now Greater Than’s EcoScore continue to evolve and sustain Mentor’s unique value proposition supporting the world’s largest enterprise organizations.”  

Mentor’s EcoDrive powered by Greater Than will incorporate Greater Than’s unique pattern-AI technology which conducts real-time driving analysis to calculate CO2 emissions per individual driver. With a uniform measure of environmental impact, EcoDrive powered by Greater Than enables fair, transparent, unbiased evaluation of individual drivers’ eco performance, regardless of vehicle type or global location. Drivers will be able to see carbon emissions reported in grams and percentages following each trip on their Mentor dashboard, making it the perfect sustainability analysis and reporting tool for organizations with mixed vehicle types.  

“We are very excited that eDriving is introducing its new EcoDrive feature based on our EcoScore to its Mentor customers. Our partnership is another proof of the scope of use for our DriverDNA AI analysis. With EcoScore integrated into the Mentor app, eDriving customers will have greater control over their environmental impact and the necessary insights to reduce them, as well as valuable data of absolute CO2 emissions to facilitate comprehensive sustainability reporting, which looks set to be mandatory for many companies in coming years,” said Liselott Johansson, CEO, Greater Than. 

EcoDrive powered by Greater Than will be available in eDriving’s flagship Mentor business solutions, as well as Mentor Defender, eDriving’s newest app for individuals and family members, distributed through insurers, auto safety membership organizations and driving schools.

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