Vehicle Telematics

Smartcar and Pitstop partner on vehicle diagnostic and maintenance platform

Pitstop and Smartcar will be working on prescriptive fleet maintenance solution for enterprises in the United States and Canada.

Pitstop’s cloud-based prognostic maintenance platform unifies data from across the automotive industry to provide maintenance dashboards to vehicle fleets. Using Smartcar’s API for mobility platforms, Pitstop customers can access all the data on any digital platform.

Fleet managers can log in with their connected services credentials and review exactly which types of information Pitstop will be able to retrieve from their vehicles. Once onboarding is complete, Pitstop is able to retrieve the location, odometer reading, fuel tank level, tyre pressure, and remaining engine oil life from each vehicle in order to inform prescriptive maintenance plans and detect potential issues.

By using Smartcar and eliminating the need for aftermarket hardware devices, Pitstop’s customers can save time and money that they would otherwise spend purchasing, installing, and maintaining aftermarket hardware devices for each vehicle. The hardware-free solution is beneficial for fleets of all sizes, ranging from small companies to large fleets that are in need of a scalable and reliable fleet management solution.

Pitstop’s fully digital predictive fleet maintenance solution is available to customers across the United States and Canada starting this week.

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