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Proterra unveils new customizable battery pack

Proterra announced a new battery design that fits into any existing heavy-duty commercial vehicles frame rails to make it easier to convert commercial vehicles to run on batteries. 

The company’s new “H Series” batteries are made narrower and are designed to fit into many standard-size truck frame rails, the company said. Proterra will continue to produce its current modular S Series battery packs, which power Proterra’s fleet of battery-electric transit buses.

H Series battery pack

The H and S Series battery packs each leverages their own uniquely sized module. Both of Proterra’s battery modules are highly customizable, enabling vehicles to be built with multiple packs depending on a customer’s needs. 

S Series battery pack

The company’s new H Series battery packs measure 620 mm wide and have the ability to hold 25-75 kWh of energy storage capacity the company said. While the Proterra S Series battery packs have a width of 860 mm and can contain up to 113 kWh of energy storage per pack.

The modules can be produced at four different voltage ratings, offering OEMs the flexibility to vary voltage and energy requirements to meet their individual needs. The battery packs utilize low cobalt, NCM 811 lithium-ion cylindrical cells. 

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