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Hino Motors, Ree Automotive partner to bring new technologies

Hino Motors Co., Ltd. and REE Automotive Ltd. signed a business alliance agreement to realize their shared vision of “providing new value to society through next-generation commercial mobility.”

Hino and REE electric commercial mobility solutions are geared to improve quality of life on a global scale by lowering carbon emissions, minimizing strain on infrastructure, reducing congestion, and allowing companies to better allocate resources. The two companies will combine their advantages to realize this vision, Hino’s knowledge and technologies as a commercial vehicle manufacturer closely attuned to customer needs with REE’s REEcornerTM EV technologies, and take on initiatives to create new value through commercial mobility solutions.

The commercial mobility solution to be jointly developed by Hino and REE will be comprised of a modular platform (Powered by REE) that will carry a customized Mobility Service Module on top. The Mobility Service Module would address a wide variety of current and future applications aligned with customer requirements, aimed to provide new value to society, and will be enhanced with data-driven services.

The companies will first work to develop hardware prototypes by FY 2022, while evaluating business models, engaging potential customers, and conducting demonstrations in parallel.

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