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Targa Telematics develops tool to monitor electric conversion of fleet vehicles

Tool allows car rental companies and fleet managers to optimize the entire fleet and identify cars that can be replaced with electrically powered models

Targa Telematics has developed Targa Best Choice, a tool to monitor the efficiency and profitability of an electric conversion of fleet vehicles. The tool analyses the fleet to identify cost saving opportunities and environmental impact and evaluates the cars that can be replaced with electric models.

Targa Best Choice analyses parameters including the historical data of the individual car, the type of driving and the context it is used in for an objective assessment of the efficiency and profitability of a possible reconversion of the cars, identifying the best choice of propulsion between thermal and hybrid electricity.

A licence plate number of a connected car is required, the company then produces a report on potential savings and CO2 reductions so that fleet managers can assess the entire fleet.

“Today more than ever digital technologies can offer a valuable contribution to the management and design of new forms of innovative and sustainable mobility.”

Alberto Falcione, VP sales at Targa Telematics.

Earlier this year, Targa Telematics and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) signed a multi-year agreement for fleet management solutions for business customers.

Analysis performed by Targa Telematics on the fleets of long-term renters found 70% of vehicles of a large fleet could be easily replaced by electrically powered cars.

Targa Telematics says once the test has been completed, the company continues to assist the customer in managing the fleet’s conversion, developing a plan for fleet managers and providing tools that enable the proper use of batteries, sizing and organisation of the charging infrastructure and verification of recharging.

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