Tata launches ‘Karo Life Control Mein’ campaign for fleet edge

Date: February 06, 2024. Tata Motors has launched a campaign called ‘Karo Life Control Mein’ to highlight the features and benefits of its connected vehicle platform – Tata Motors Fleet Edge. The campaign consists of 15 short films, each focusing on a different aspect of the platform that enables efficient fleet management. The campaign highlights the vehicle’s advanced features, such as a 7-inch touch screen infotainment system, a 1.2-liter good mileage engine, and a full-color reverse camera.

The films feature a narrator who utilizes humor and storytelling to demonstrate how Fleet Edge assists organizations in gaining control of their operations, optimizing resources, and improving overall fleet performance. The narrator interacts with a variety of characters, including drivers, owners, managers, and customers. This interaction serves to illustrate the real-world circumstances and difficulties that Fleet Edge can address.

Some of the key features of Fleet Edge that the campaign showcases are:

  • Real-time vehicle tracking and geo-fencing
  • Fuel efficiency and driving behaviour monitoring
  • Vehicle health and diagnostics alerts
  • Remote immobilisation and over-speeding control
  • Trip and route optimisation
  • Customised reports and dashboards

Shubhranshu Singh, Tata Motors Commercial Vehicles CMO, states that the campaign aims to engage the target audience with straightforward messaging. Focused on empowering users with fleet control, it aligns with the theme ‘Karo Life Control Mein.’ The series blends Fleet Edge’s benefits with humor, addressing genuine challenges in fleet operations. Each story is crafted to resonate with customers, addressing pain points and exceeding expectations for efficient fleet management.

Tata Motors Fleet Edge is an innovative telematics platform that connects more than 5 lakh commercial cars. The platform uses data and analytics to give actionable insights and real-time vehicle tracking. Moreover, this increases fleet operational efficiency and lowers India’s logistics expenses.

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