Taisys India launches iConnect platform for automotive connectivity

Date: September 22, 2023. Taisys India has launched the iConnect platform, a product that aims to transform the automotive connectivity landscape in India. The iConnect platform is a result of Taisys India’s collaboration with Lumax Ituran Telematics Pvt. Ltd, a global automotive telematics solution provider for OEMs.

The platform offers advanced features such as real-time vehicle tracking, diagnostics, remote management, smart infotainment, intelligent alerts, emergency response, driver assistance. It also provides efficient fleet management. The platform leverages advanced IoT technology and seamless connectivity. It also aligns the connected device supply chain to deliver unparalleled driving experiences and operational excellence. The platform also complies with the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI)’s AIS-140 standard and supports 4G/3G/2G devices.

The iConnect platform has been adopted by Global OEMs like Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV). They have expressed their satisfaction with the product. Mr. Abhishek Saxena, Managing Director of Taisys India, said that the launch of the iConnect platform is a testament to the synergy between Taisys India and the whole Automobile Industry. Moreover, he added that the platform embodies a vision where vehicles converge seamlessly with cutting-edge technology. This elevates safety, entertainment, and operational efficiency.

Mr. Sumit Tiwari, Business Head of Lumax Ituran, congratulated Taisys India for the launch of the iConnect platform. Moreover, he praised its capability to manage complete eSIM and connectivity effectively for the customer for efficient operations. Mr. Jason Ho, Chairman of Taisys Group, said that the launch of the iConnect platform marks a significant milestone for Taisys India. It paves the way for a future where vehicles transcend traditional boundaries.

The iConnect Platform utilizes advanced 5G technology to provide lightning-fast connectivity. This enables real-time updates, over-the-air software upgrades, and uninterrupted access to a wide range of services, from navigation to entertainment. Moreover, Taisys India has incorporated artificial intelligence into the iConnect Platform, enabling predictive maintenance. Vehicles can now monitor their own systems and detect potential issues before they become major problems. This not only enhances safety but also reduces maintenance costs.

The iConnect Platform offers a state-of-the-art infotainment system with voice control, intuitive touch screens, and a wide array of entertainment options. Passengers can enjoy a connected and personalized in-car experience. Taisys India has placed a strong emphasis on data security. The iConnect Platform employs robust encryption and cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive information, ensuring user privacy and safety.

As the automotive industry continues to embrace digital transformation, Taisys India’s iConnect Platform emerges as a pioneering force, leading the way toward a more connected and smarter future for vehicles and their drivers.

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