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Teletrac Navman launches new Electric Vehicle Fleet Solution

Teletrac Navman has added a new web-based automated AI tool to its suite of software solutions, aimed at supporting fleet operators with the move over to electric vehicles.

The Electric Vehicle Readiness Tool integrates seamlessly with the Teletrac Navman advanced suite of fleet management and tracking platforms and analyzes all telematics data to provide operators with detailed recommendations of where electric vehicles could be adopted into their operation.

Moreover, the smart algorithms behind the Electric Vehicle Readiness Tool not only tell you the feasibility of switching, they also calculate the total cost of ownership of an electric vehicle switch versus the existing fleet (purchase price, residual value, taxes, insurance, maintenance, electricity costs), as well as the total CO2 and fuel savings the business would generate.

To make it even simpler for fleet operators, the Electric Vehicle Readiness Tool will recommend the ideal electric vehicles to switch to and advise on how many and what type of chargers are required to run those vehicles. It can also calculate the cost of the chargers, as well as where they should be located to ensure no loss of battery based on the trips being taken.

The Electric Vehicle Readiness Tool uses the power of AI together with historical telematics data to provide a meaningful evaluation for fleet operators. The platform analyzes everything, from the average number of trips overall and per vehicle, the distance, regularity, usage times, usage patterns, and time spent moving versus idle.

The Electric Vehicle Readiness Tool is currently only available in Europe and will be introduced into the US market in the near term.

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