Top 10 Cybersecurity Trends To Watch Out For In 2023

In the developing world where everyone is relying on online working and developing their business, it becomes essential to safeguard the Data. With the emerging cyber threat, people have become more serious about protecting their data. As per Cybersecurity Ventures, cyber security training Global spending will touch $10 billion by 2027. Cyber security shields against hackers and breachers who can potentially track your data and company information.
Developing industries and unawareness of proper cyber security programs are one of the major drawbacks that allow hackers to breach the system. Understanding and securing the loopholes in data security with system updates is also necessary. Let’s look at the top 10 cyber security trends that will keep your system safe and updated.

Automobile Security
Nowadays, automobile industries have moved toward the modernization of vehicles with tech. The new power vehicles are coming with advanced features and excellent driving comforts, like Cruise control, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ADAS, etc., to enhance the driving experience with modern tech.
These advanced technologies are pretty much vulnerable to operating vehicles via hacking. Many cases have been reported in 2023 in which vehicles automatically drive and hit on the road. Cyber security is taking valid action by integrating the security chip into vehicles to avoid such a disaster. It will activate the car only when the key is around the vehicle; otherwise, the system will be shut down.

Artificial Intelligence
AI is a unique and powerful technology introduced in the market to relieve human effort and provide more information at less cost. According to the study by Oberlo, almost 9 in 10 top enterprises are continuously investing in artificial intelligence for cyber security.
The growth in AI automatic learning brought a drastic change in cyber security. It prevents your system from miscellaneous attacks and automatically identifies the potential alert that can affect your system and files. Therefore, AI is playing a vital role in preventing data loss. Additionally, the AI market is estimated to hit $94 billion by the end of 2023.

Mobile Devices
Mobile devices are the more compatible and vulnerable devices that require the highest security system. Crucial tasks like payments, Bank profile status emails, and personal data, are stored on mobile devices. It is very important to update your device with the cyber security system so that it is under less threat.
Google permits users to sync their official data on their different mobile devices with Gmail. However, it can be dangerous to preserve the data. An addition of any malware or virus in the system can completely overtake your personal information, from contacts to email ids.

Data Breaches
Securing the data of your system is a major concern for every organization. One of the prime targets for the hacker is the system security that contains every information of the organization. Adding any malware or bug in your system can result in potential loss to your company. According to the stats, 41.6 million accounts leaked their data in the first four months of 2023.
These Malware and Bugs allow hackers to breach your system firewall and misuse your data. Therefore to avoid a tragic situation on 25th May 2018, the European Union took severe measures regarding data protection privacy—and enforced General Data Protection Regulation. The California government also took a similar action with the Consumer Privacy Act launched on 1st January 2022.

Cloud Storage
Cloud storage is one of the best facilities to safeguard data and secure personal data loss. It helps in more productivity and scalability of data at virtual storage. Therefore, a slight misconfiguration in the cloud settings can lead to the loss of vulnerable data to hackers. Many organizations focus on controlling cloud services’ possible target leakage points. Properly governing cloud security and proper precaution make avoiding terrible cloud data losses easy.

IoT Devices Evolution
The development of IoT devices provides smooth interaction between a device and a human. There are many IoT devices on which people are completely dependent, like smartwatches, Google Home, Amazon Echo, etc. It is expected that by the end of 2026, there will be more than 64 billion IoT devices in the market.
There is a high possibility that vulnerable devices will be utilized for Cyber-attacks. Therefore, top companies are preparing the product with the necessary security and looking forward to avoiding discomfort with their customers. Also, the upcoming 5G network will play a significant role in connecting multiple IoT devices and building a stronger security system to avoid data loss.

Almost all industries depend on software to operate their company and daily management. Ransomware is an advanced malware developed to attack the system and get personal information for multiple industries.
Many cases in England reported Ransomware corrupted the National Health Security hospital infecting more than 70000 medical equipment. Cyber security tries to counter such malware and prevent these cyber threats with preventive software and security virus. Ransomware threatens the user to pay a certain amount, or it will leak all their data on the global platform.

Insider Threat
The company’s insider loophole is still the biggest threat to any organization. People build anti-theft software to protect the company’s information from malware and viruses. According to research, the company’s employees are the easiest target for hackers. If any of your employees open a phishing email or download a miscellaneous file it can corrupt your whole system data and leak internal information.
Therefore, to prevent such scenarios, properly guarded systems provided to your employees can avoid such mail and downloads. Also, try to secure the main company data within the head system.

State-sponsored Cyber Warfare
Cyber Warfare has no limitations as everyone competes to become more powerful in Eastern and Western organizations. The intense competition between the hackers of Iran, China, and the US wants to obtain the Global command. Such attacks can be disastrous for the Government and create chaos in the country.
A multi-level secured and sturdy Cyber Warfare state-based systems create a great impact on the political and economic growth of the countries. Thus, reduces inter-state cyber conflict to improve the state’s economy.

Improvement in Multi-Factor Authentication
Multi-Factor authentication was earlier carried out through SMS and phone calls. However, such a form of authentication is very easily breached by hackers. In 2020, Microsoft said to use application-based MFA rather than phone-based MFA. It is very easy for hackers to bypass the one-time passcode through the text. Therefore, companies are improving their application-based MFA like Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator; Okta verifies, etc.

Cybersecurity development is one of the biggest issues in 2023. Over 100 billion are invested to protect the organization from cyber fraud. the top 10 cyber trends that greatly impact the individual’s growth and the country’s economy.
It is necessary to improve cybersecurity with the help of multiple cybersecurity training programs. With technological advancements, Cybersecurity infrastructure might be vulnerable today, but specialists look forward to developing a high-security firewall between companies and hackers.

Author: Jigar Agrawal, Digital Marketing Manager, eSparkBiz Technologies
Jigar Agrawal is passionate about anything related to Trending Technologies. Wants to unlock the world of Technology and Social Media where every day there is a chance of new possibility as well as innovation.

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